Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Kiss of the Goblin Prince by Shona Husk

The Man of Her Dreams

He is like a prince in a fairy tale: tall, outrageously handsome, and way too dark for her own good. Amanda has been hurt before, though. And with her daughter's illness, the last thing she needs right now is a man. But the power of Dai King is hard to resist. And when he threads his hands through her hair and pulls her in for a kiss, there is no denying it feels achingly right.

In a Land of Nightmares

After being trapped in the Shadowlands for centuries with the goblin horde a constant threat, Dai revels in his newfound freedom back in the human realm. But even with the centuries of magic he's accumulated, he still doesn't know how to heal Amanda's daughter—and it breaks his heart. Yet for the woman he loves, he'd risk anything...including a return to the Shadowlands.

While Kiss of the Goblin Prince is the second book of a series, I don't feel it's 100% necessary to have read book one, The Goblin King.  And though Kiss of the Goblin Prince is book two, it is very much a different story and tone.  

Dai has lived in the Shadowlands for centuries.  Now that he and his brother, Roan, have been freed of the goblin curse and are living in the Fixed Realm, Dai is unable to fully acclimate.  He depends on magic, yet is unable to stop thinking of Amanda or how to heal her sick daughter.  

This novel focuses on Dai and Amanda equally, together and apart.  Both are struggling; both are alone.  In a way, both are tortured.  They learn more about each other and their love grows from that.  Kiss of the Goblin Prince is a well-written and intriguing romance. 

(A very special thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of Kiss of the Goblin Prince.) 

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