Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eagerly Anticipating

April looks to be a busy month for me and historicals.  Here's a snippet of what's on my list:

Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: To Tempt a Saint by Kate Moore

First in the Sons of Sin trilogy Introducing the three sons of an infamous London courtesan-and the strong-willed women who love them...

Despite being knighted for saving the Prince Regent's life, Sir Alexander Jones will never truly be accepted by the nobility. But if he's to find his long lost brother, Xander must win the first willing heiress he can find.

Only by marrying can Cleo Spencer access her funds. Making a bargain with Xander is her chance to provide for her younger brother. But when her uncle accuses them of fraud, they discover that love is the best part of their bargain.

Cleo was a gutsy, determined heroine (I've been reading a lot of those lately!).  Her proposition to Xander to marry him -- she'll be free of her uncle, he'll have the funds for his pet project -- seemed like the perfect solution to both of their problems.  

For all of the discussion about tempting and Xander's assumed/joked about abstinence, there wasn't much heat between Cleo and Xander.  Cleo's an innocent, of course, though she's almost an expert at lying when it suits her end game.  I just expected more passion, more sexual tension from them, especially given Cleo's lying and her repeated attempts to break down Xander's hard outer shell. 

That being said, I will continue to read the series because I'm most interested in learning about Xander's brothers, given that their futures seem to be effected by the choices Xander makes in To Tempt a Saint.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review: Promise Me Tonight by Sara Lindsey

Isabella is determined to marry James…
Isabella Weston has loved James Sheffield for as long as she can remember. Her come-out ball seems the perfect chance to make him see her in a new light.
James is determined never to marry…
James is stunned to find the impish girl he once knew has blossomed into a sensual goddess. And if he remembers his lessons, goddesses always spell trouble for mortal men.
A compromise is clearly necessary.
When Izzie kisses James, her artless ardor turns to a masterful seduction that drives him mad with desire. But, no stranger to heartbreak, James is determined never to love, and thus never to lose. Can Isabella convince him that a life without love might be the biggest loss of all?

The beginning of a series? Check. Love with best friend's sister trope? Check. Debut author with a good deal of buzz?  Check.

One of my favorite romantic tropes is falling in love with BFF's sister/brother. I may like this type of story more than a secret baby plot. Regardless, what I loved about Isabella Weston is her confidence.  Confident she loves James; confident that James loves her (especially after her coming out); confident they belong together.

The final third of the book doesn't sit well with me because Izzie has lost this spark, this drive, this confidence.  Certainly, she's been through a ordeal until this point of the book -- no one blames her for her decisions or her reactions to the hand life has dealt her.  I just wanted her to react differently and felt disappointed when she didn't, when she seemingly lost all her previous gumption and determination and, yes, confidence until James decides to pull his head out of the sand.

That being said, Ms. Lindsey crafts a well-rounded and strong heroine, qualities I hope I see again in June with Tempting the Marquess, which features Isabella's younger sister, Olivia.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lookie What I See...

August 31st cannot come fast enough...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Taming the Texas Tycoon by Katherine Garbera

For Texas Cattleman's Club member Lance Brody, marriage is about gaining the right connections. But one plain-Jane personal assistant is about to change his mind…

For years Kate Thornton had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Lance Brody. Then her boss became engaged strictly for business and Kate had had enough. Giving her two weeks' notice should have released her, but Lance's eyes had finally been opened. Kate couldn't be allowed to walk away from the business, or him. And if it meant taking her to bed to keep her…well, that was one job he would gladly do himself!

I've been reading Harlequin Blaze titles for a few years (as well as other category romances: Silhouette Nocturne, Harlequin Nascar),  so I decided to branch out to Silhouette Desire.  Taming the Texas Tycoon is the first in a multi-author series -- list books as a "series," and I'll usually try them out -- though after finishing this novel, I wasn't certain whether I'd read the second book or not.

This experience was new for me two-fold: I've never read a Silhouette Desire (and had no preconceived notions as to what this line entails), nor had I ever read a book by Ms. Garbera (so I was completely unfamiliar with her writing style).  Taming the Texas Tycoon was over too quickly, with only a tiny thread of a conflict -- and no Texas tycoons were tamed.

I originally picked up the book because of the series title: Texas Cattlemen's Club.  Oh, I thought, this features heroes who are friends and members of this ranching-type club.  Like a country club with chaps.   Again, based on this first installment, that's not the case.  The club was mentioned as a kind of throwaway reference, with no explanation what the club is or does (despite Lance's proposal to Kate taking place in the club's dining room), or who its members might be.  I'm hoping we'll learn more as the series progresses.    

Though I don't want to say I hated this book, it clearly wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped it would be. I would like to finish the Texas Cattlemen's Club series, as well as read another series by Ms. Garbera.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Highly Recommend

I Go Fangirl For...

These are some of the authors I absolutely love, meaning I've gotta have their books; they're on my To Always Buy list.  I'll often hoard their books (especially if a series) and, chances are, I read their newest release way too quickly, leaving me counting the months until their next book.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

About Me and My Reviews

I like good books, and I cannot lie.  A simple declaration, really, but it's served me well since I began to chose my own reading material in my tween years. 

Please note that all books, unless otherwise indicated, have been purchased by me for my own enjoyment and reading pleasure. 

Since I read what I like (when I like), the genres represented on this blog can include but are not limited to: contemporary romance, erotic romance, historical romance, mainstream fiction, mysteries, and paranormal romance.  I typically do not accept self-published books for review. 

Pursuant to FTC regulations, I typically purchase my own books or check them out from my local public library for review here at My House of Books.  Some books are provided by publishers, authors or their representatives, or third-party services such as NetGalley and Edelweiss. 

Feel free to e-mail me: myhouseofbooks [at] gmail [dot] com.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here's a list of the book challenges I'm participating in this year:


alphabetical by author's last name

Hidden Away by Maya Banks

The Bro-Magnet by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Never Again by Michele Bardsley
Now or Never by Michele Bardsley

Sultry with a Twist by Macy Beckett
A Shot of Sultry by Macy Beckett 
Surrender to Sultry by Macy Beckett

The Fireman Who Loved Me by Jennifer Bernard

The Beast of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood
The Rebel of Clan Kincaid by Lily Blackwood

Size Matters by Alison Bliss
On the Plus Side by Alison Bliss

Baby, I'm Yours by Stephanie Bond
Baby, Drive South by Stephanie Bond 
Baby, Come Home by Stephanie Bond 
Baby, Don't Go by Stephanie Bond

The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton
Changing the Game by Jaci Burton
Taking a Shot by Jaci Burton
Playing to Win by Jaci Burton
Thrown by a Curve by Jaci Burton
One Sweet Ride by Jaci Burton 
Holiday Games by Jaci Burton

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne
The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne
The Highlander by Kerrigan Byrne

Ripe for Pleasure by Isobel Carr 

The Wedding Dress Diaries by Aimee Carson
The Unexpected Wedding Guest by Aimee Carson

You Dropped a Blonde on Me by Dakota Cassidy
Burning Down the Spouse by Dakota Cassidy 
Waltz This Way by Dakota Cassidy

Talk This Way by Dakota Cassidy
Talk Dirty to Me by Dakota Cassidy

Silk is for Seduction by Loretta Chase 
Scandal Wears Silk by Loretta Chase 
Vixen in Velvet by Loretta Chase

The Seduction of His Wife by Tiffany Clare

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Seven Nights to Forever by Evangeline Collins

Nightfall by Ellen Connor
Midnight by Ellen Connor
Daybreak by Ellen Connor

All the Pleasures of the Season by Lecia Cornwall

Whisper of Scandal by Nicola Cornick
One Wicked Sin by Nicola Cornick
Mistress by Midnight by Nicola Cornick
Notorious by Nicola Cornick 
Desired by Nicola Cornick 
Forbidden by Nicola Cornick





The Trouble With Honor by Julia London
The Devil Takes a Bride by Julia London
The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London








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