Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review: Taming the Texas Tycoon by Katherine Garbera

For Texas Cattleman's Club member Lance Brody, marriage is about gaining the right connections. But one plain-Jane personal assistant is about to change his mind…

For years Kate Thornton had dreamed of becoming Mrs. Lance Brody. Then her boss became engaged strictly for business and Kate had had enough. Giving her two weeks' notice should have released her, but Lance's eyes had finally been opened. Kate couldn't be allowed to walk away from the business, or him. And if it meant taking her to bed to keep her…well, that was one job he would gladly do himself!

I've been reading Harlequin Blaze titles for a few years (as well as other category romances: Silhouette Nocturne, Harlequin Nascar),  so I decided to branch out to Silhouette Desire.  Taming the Texas Tycoon is the first in a multi-author series -- list books as a "series," and I'll usually try them out -- though after finishing this novel, I wasn't certain whether I'd read the second book or not.

This experience was new for me two-fold: I've never read a Silhouette Desire (and had no preconceived notions as to what this line entails), nor had I ever read a book by Ms. Garbera (so I was completely unfamiliar with her writing style).  Taming the Texas Tycoon was over too quickly, with only a tiny thread of a conflict -- and no Texas tycoons were tamed.

I originally picked up the book because of the series title: Texas Cattlemen's Club.  Oh, I thought, this features heroes who are friends and members of this ranching-type club.  Like a country club with chaps.   Again, based on this first installment, that's not the case.  The club was mentioned as a kind of throwaway reference, with no explanation what the club is or does (despite Lance's proposal to Kate taking place in the club's dining room), or who its members might be.  I'm hoping we'll learn more as the series progresses.    

Though I don't want to say I hated this book, it clearly wasn't as enjoyable as I'd hoped it would be. I would like to finish the Texas Cattlemen's Club series, as well as read another series by Ms. Garbera.

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