Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: To Tempt a Saint by Kate Moore

First in the Sons of Sin trilogy Introducing the three sons of an infamous London courtesan-and the strong-willed women who love them...

Despite being knighted for saving the Prince Regent's life, Sir Alexander Jones will never truly be accepted by the nobility. But if he's to find his long lost brother, Xander must win the first willing heiress he can find.

Only by marrying can Cleo Spencer access her funds. Making a bargain with Xander is her chance to provide for her younger brother. But when her uncle accuses them of fraud, they discover that love is the best part of their bargain.

Cleo was a gutsy, determined heroine (I've been reading a lot of those lately!).  Her proposition to Xander to marry him -- she'll be free of her uncle, he'll have the funds for his pet project -- seemed like the perfect solution to both of their problems.  

For all of the discussion about tempting and Xander's assumed/joked about abstinence, there wasn't much heat between Cleo and Xander.  Cleo's an innocent, of course, though she's almost an expert at lying when it suits her end game.  I just expected more passion, more sexual tension from them, especially given Cleo's lying and her repeated attempts to break down Xander's hard outer shell. 

That being said, I will continue to read the series because I'm most interested in learning about Xander's brothers, given that their futures seem to be effected by the choices Xander makes in To Tempt a Saint.

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