Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: The Wild Marquis by Miranda Neville

The Marquis of Chase is not a reputable man.

He is notorious for his wretched morals and is never received in respectable houses. The ladies of the ton would never allow him in their drawing rooms . . . though they were more than willing to welcome him into their bedchambers. Ejected from his father's house at the age of sixteen, he now lives a life of wanton pleasure. So what could the Marquis of Chase possibly want with Juliana Merton, a lovely, perfectly upstanding shopkeeper with a mysterious past?

A moment's indiscretion?

A night's passion?

Or a lifetime of love?

Even the wildest rakes have their weaknesses . . .

What an interesting historical romance.  We've got a little bit of everything: romance, intrigue, and books!

I was surprised by Juliana's profession, or perhaps that she'd adopted her husband's and continued to be moderately successful with it.  Then again, as her dowry was used to open the bookstore, I suspect she'd have a vested interest to keep it successful.  She and Chase do emit some sparks, when their romance comes right down to it, so I'm anxious to see if they will reappear in future books.  The Wild Marquis was a nice break from the usual historical romances I've read lately.  Cannot wait to read The Dangerous Viscount.

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