Monday, May 17, 2010

Review: In Bed With the Wrangler by Barbara Dunlop

The red-hot blonde was an unexpected bonus of his brother's wedding. But Royce Ryder wasn't bringing Amber Hutton back to his place for the night; he'd gotten roped into taking her to his family's Montana ranch. She'd definitely make the bachelor's forced stay much more pleasant.

What Royce thought would be a torrid tryst was Amber's idea of a quiet vacation. She had no intention of diving into the wrangler's bed—falling for a man like Royce was just asking for trouble. Though with just one touch from the wealthy playboy, she knew trouble had already found her.

Another good choice -- I love it when that happens!  

And I may have to accept that certain category romances are just going to end with a proposal and/or a wedding, regardless of the timeline and how long the hero and heroine have known one another.

In this case, it's a week, and there's already wuv...tru wuv...between Royce and Amber.  This time, however, there's also mystery and intrigue dotting the landscape and skeletons that come to life about the Ryder past.  I hope we all answers are revealed  in His Convenient Virgin Bride, the final book of the series. 

One question still plagues me: it seemed like Amber was running from something other than a fiance she didn't love. Maybe I'm reading more into this than I should, but at least 2 characters implied it.  I kept waiting for a black moment from Amber's past to fall into their laps.

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