Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review: Seduction and the CEO by Barbara Dunlop

Making money comes easily for millionaire Jared Ryder, though the hectic corporate lifestyle has him heading to his Montana ranch whenever possible. There, a new female hired hand has the CEO thinking about mixing a little pleasure with business.
Melissa Warner certainly doesn't have many ranching skills. But her beauty's too captivating to ignore, and Jared's ready to stake his claim. Yet even in his passion-induced haze, he suspects Melissa of hiding something. Heaven help her if he discovers her lie, for there's nothing more dangerous than Ryder retribution.

My previous/first attempt with a Silhouette Desire left a lot to be ... desired.  (Sorry.)  I'm pleased to say that Ms. Dunlop has brought me back into the fold -- tentatively.  Perhaps I'll only read single-author series rather than multi-author series. 

Regardless, Seduction and the CEO was a good representation of all the things I enjoy in a romance novel, apart from the lies.  You see, Melissa's big plan SPOILERS BELOW

is to take a job at the Ryder ranch to get a cover story for the magazine she writes for, hopefully snagging a nice new promotion for herself along the way.  Jared is suspicious, especially when Melissa has problems dealing with the horses she's been hired to work.  But, the hell with it, she's attractive and a pretty good flirt, so he succumbs to her charms.  Unfortunately, Melissa is outed by a co-worker. Jared learns who she really is and says he never wants to see her again. 

He cannot stop thinking about her.  She cannot stop thinking about him.

So they do what comes natural and reunite, and Jared proposes. 

I may be alone in this, but I don't need a romance to end with a proposal or marriage to make me happy.  The last chapter of Seduction and the CEO felt rushed, like the word count limit was coming fast and we've gotta end this thing NOW.  I would have been fine with Melissa and Jared sharing another date, agreeing to see where things between them might go. 

Still, I liked Ms. Dunlop's writing; Jared and Melissa were believable and had chemistry.  I've got high hopes for In Bed with a Wrangler, the second in the series.

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