Friday, May 7, 2010

Review: Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone

Friends since childhood, Anais Darnby and Lindsay Markham have long harbored a secret passion for one another. When they finally confess their love, their future together seems assured, sealed with their searing embrace.

But when a debauched Lindsay is seduced by a scheming socialite, a devastated Anais seeks refuge in another man's bed while Lindsay retreats to the exotic East. There, he is seduced again—this time by the alluring red smoke and sinister beauty of opium.

Back home, Lindsay's addiction is fed by the vogue for all things Oriental—especially its sensual pleasures—in fashionable London society. In his lucid moments, Lindsay still lusts after Anais, who can neither allow him near nor forget his smoldering touch. Tortured by two obsessions—opium and Anais—Lindsay must ultimately decide which is the one he truly cannot live without.

To say I loved this novel would be an understatement.  It was beautifully written with angst-ridden characters -- and I could not put this book down. 

Please don't let Spice's tag "an erotic novel" deter you.  Yes, there is language of the four-letter variety.  Yes, the characters are in sexual situations more often than expected (I suppose), but it wasn't overwhelming nor was it tasteless or without motivation.  Everything about this novel was lush, intoxicating, amazingly put together, and I, too, became Addicted

I cannot wait to read the follow-up, Sinful, featuring the Earl of Wallingford.

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