Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: Maid of Dishonor by Heidi Rice

When she's very, very bad…

Gina Carrington knows exactly how to have fun! But when she sleeps with her friend's brother, the off-limits Carter, she quickly discovers she's overstepped the mark.

…life is so much more fun!

Years later, Gina sees Carter again to prepare for her friend's wedding, and she can't help but wonder what the harm would be in one more night…. He's available, gorgeous and behind that laid-back Southern charm there's a wild side even she can't tame! But Gina has secrets which she can't hide forever—will their chemistry be strong enough to keep Carter by her side when her secrets come to light?

Maid of Dishonor is the third novel of The Wedding Season series.  The series follows four college roommates as they reunite for a wedding.  Maid of Dishonor brings Gina Carrington and Carter Price back together.  Gina and Carter had a one-night stand when Carter visited his sister -- and Gina's roommate -- Marnie.  That Carter was engaged to Marnie's best friend at the time helped to create a rift between Gina and Marnie that has never properly healed.   

After hearing that Carter is now divorced, Gina decides to visit him to apologize for her behavior.  Carter and his fiancee had a chastity pact, and by having sex with Gina, Carter broke it.  Carter, however, believes his night with Gina was the best thing to ever happen to him.  He held onto it during and after his marriage and believes they should give their attraction a go.  

Maid of Dishonor furthers the on-going arc of the series and brings up what will probably be a subplot for the fourth and final book, Last Groom Standing.   

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