Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: Win Me Over by Nicole Michaels

Callie Daniels is a singular sensation. She owns and operates her own bakery, contributes to a popular lifestyle blog, and is the dance team coach at a local high school. She lives by her own design and is much too busy to consider dating. Mr. Right will have to fit into her life when the time is right...

Football coach Bennett Clark always plays by the rules. He knows that his new colleague Callie is off limits but she's so beautiful-and irritating!-that Bennett can't get her off his mind. She wants him to participate in a charity dance contest, and won't take no for an answer. Soon, what begins as a festive athletic endeavor turns into a heated flirtation on and off the dance floor. Could it be that the free-spirited Callie has finally found a way through Coach Clark's line of defense?

Win Me Over picks up almost directly where Start Me Up ends, except through the point of view of Callie Daniels.  Callie is a driven, competitive person.  She is a bakery owner, helps her friends Anne and Lindsey with their lifestyle blog, and has recently been hired as the new dance team coach for the high school.   She is approached by the principal to enter a local dance competition with the head coach as her partner.  She reluctantly agrees when she believes the coach will be an older good ol' boy.  She wasn't expecting Bennett Clark.

Bennett Clark is a former professional quarterback whose career ended due to a car accident.  He's content being a science teacher and coach and kind of keeps the life he once had a secret.  Callie certainly has no idea who he used to be.  She just thinks Coach Clark is cute -- and stubborn -- but she likes trading jabs with him on the dance floor as they prepare for the competition.  

Their back-and-forth teasing (and sexual tension) can only lead to them falling in love, although it took a little bit of coaxing on both their parts.  Win Me Over also introduces Lindsey and Derek, who we meet in the final book of the series, Draw Me Close

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