Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Baby, I'm Yours by Stephanie Bond

Emory Maxwell has come home to the small town of Sweetness, Georgia, with one goal in mind—to get his childhood sweetheart Shelby Moon to marry him. They've been in love with the second grade, but Shelby's father is determined to keep his daughter in Sweetness, not moving around the country as a soldier's wife. No matter what she chooses, Shelby knows she'll hurt one of the men she loves.

But when a tornado rips through town, will she and Emory lose their chance to be together forever?

An ebook prequel to Ms. Bond's new contemporary romance series featuring the Armstrong brothers returning to their town of Sweetness, Georgia.  Porter Armstrong, hero of Baby, Drive South, makes an appearance in this novella.  

Emory is determined to ask Shelby to marry him despite not having a plan, not asking her father for his blessing, or not getting along with Shelby's father period.  What made this story emotional for me is the timing of when I read it -- the destructive tornadoes in Alabama had just happened -- so to see an entire town literally taken off the map and read various townspeople's emotional reaction to the storm and its aftermath was unexpected.  I do wonder if we'll meet Emory and Shelby again, perhaps in the final book of the series, because we last saw them driving out of Sweetness as husband and wife.

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