Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review: Duchess of Sin by Laurel McKee

Blonde and beautiful Lady Anna Blacknall is in the mood for mischief. Entering Dublin's most notorious den of vice, she finds herself in the arms of a mysterious, emerald-eyed Irishman. And although he is masked, his tender kiss is hauntingly familiar.
Conlan McTeer, Duke of Adair, has come to Dublin to fight for a free Ireland. But he's suddenly reunited with the young Englishwoman who had once claimed his heart, and his passion turns from politics to pleasure. When their sizzling encounter brings danger to Anna's door, she must decide where her loyalties lie-and quickly. For someone will do whatever it takes to destroy Conlan . . . and anyone he dares to love.

Lady Anna Blacknall, introduced in the first book of the Daughters of Erin trilogy, Countess of Scandal,  and almost overtook her sister in my mind as the more intriguing heroine.  Anna, unfortunately, suffers harm during her family's escape of the uprising, but she meets the dark and mysterious Duke of Adair while on the run.  In Duchess of Sin, Anna is still a bit of a wild child, not doing proper or safe things, though she is at times haunted by what she went through, yet she's willing to put aside her desires and marry a safe, respected man who can offer protection to her mother and her sister. 

Conlan has been intrigued with Anna since their meeting during the uprising and somehow he cannot forget her.  When he spots her masked in the Olympian Club, it leads to their reconnection -- and the fact that they continue to attract one another regardless of their respective devotions not to.  As with Countess of Scandal, the political climate is an intense one and does offer immediate tension throughout the novel.   

Just as Anna overshadowed Eliza, the youngest Blacknall, Caroline, is something to behold.  I'm very interested to read her book, Lady of Seduction (June 2011).

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