Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Twice Fallen by Emma Wildes

Lady Lillian Bourne is re-entering society after her disastrous elopement four years ago, and has to be the very picture of propriety. But when she finds herself locked in a library with an enigmatic stranger during a party, she risks falling from grace a second time...

After years working as a spy, Lord Damien Northfield finds London tedious-until his encounter with the lovely but notorious Lily. When he's enlisted to investigate a scheme of blackmail and murder, he's thrilled to discover that Lily may be the key to catching a ruthless killer...

For Twice Fallen, we move to the eldest half-sister of Jonathan Bourne, Earl of Augustine (who was the hero of One Whisper Away) -- Lady Lillian Bourne.  Lillian is a victim of a scandal and is re-entering society.  Almost immediately, she finds herself trapped in a locked room with Lord Damien Northfield, a character I believe has been introduced in another of Ms. Wildes' series.  

While there is an attraction between Damien and Lillian, theirs is not as instantaneous, all-consuming, or passionate as that of Jonathan and Cecily's.  I think part of the reason is the other stuff happening around Damien and Lillian:  blackmail Damien is asked to investigate; Lillian's ex-fiance, Sebring and his new wife, who seems completely out to destroy what remains of Lillian's reputation; Lillian's cousin, James, and his affair with Regina.  

Given how much I enjoyed One Whisper Away, I expected the same kind of romantic connection here and was disappointed to find Twice Fallen not as strong.        

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