Monday, March 5, 2012

Review: Die Job by Lila Dare

St. Elizabeth, Georgia, offers charm, Southern hospitality -- and an occasional dollop of murder.  Now, rumors that a local mansion is haunted are more real than ever when an amateur ghost-hunter comes upon something quite deadly...

High school senior Rachel Whitley thinks the field-trip idea -- playing ghost hunter with her class in Rothmere mansion, where the spirit of a murdered plantation owner is said to still reside -- is a lark.  But instead of a ghost, Rachel stumbles upon fellow student Braden McCullers, sprawled out in the very spot where Cyril Rothmere died.

As Braden lingers in a coma, Rachel enlists the ladies of Violetta's salon to investigate the attempt on his life -- and unravel the secrets that somehow link a high school student with a centuries-old crime.  The intrepid team of hairdressers find themselves in a tangled and treacherous mystery where the roots to the past are very ominous, indeed.

The third in the Southern Beauty Shop mystery series, Die Job, picks up where the second book, Polished Off, ended.  In addition to the mystery Grace Terhune and the women of Violetta's seek to solve, the town of St. Elizabeth is battening down the hatches for the arrival of a hurricane.  And as tensions in town rise in anticipation of the hurricane and the murder investigation, this who-done-it isn't exactly what it would appear to be.

I was surprised by the presence of the romantic triangle featuring Grace, Special Agent Dillon, and Grace's long-distance boyfriend, Marty Shears and a little bit disappointed it was left open-ended.  So I do hope there will be another book in this series, simply to solve the mystery of Grace's love life.

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