Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Review: Blame it on Bath by Caroline Linden

A marriage of convenience . . . or of destiny?

Gerard de Lacey is determined to find the man who is blackmailing his family, but with his inheritance and status at risk, a hasty marriage to a wealthy bride also seems in order—just in case things take a turn for the worse. Charismatic and capable, Gerard knows he can win the hand of any lady he chooses. Still, he's not expecting a rich widow to find him and propose the very thing he wants: a marriage of convenience.

Katherine Howe's first marriage was one of dreary duty. Now that she's being pressured to marry her late husband's heir, she's desperate for a better option. Gerard de Lacey, with his sinful good looks, charming manner, and looming scandal, fits her needs perfectly. The fact that she's nursed a secret affection for him only makes it better—and worse. Because Gerard will likely marry her for her fortune—but can he love her for herself, as she loves him?

A great addition to this intriguing series.  Blame it on Bath may be my favorite thus far. 

Gerard de Lacey is the third son of the late Duke of Durham, whose first marriage is causing what's being billed as the Durham Dilemma in the scandal sheets.  Katherine Howe is a wealthy widow who needs protection -- and a husband.  Since Gerard needs money (regardless of the outcome of the Durham Dilemma) and Katherine has it, Katherine proposes they get married.  

What I enjoyed most about this book was watching them fall in love.  Oh, they're compatible in the bedroom -- almost instantly so -- but their relationship outside the marriage bed is what I loved.  How Katherine learns to overcome her insecurities brought on by her mother and her first husband and how Gerard looks past Katherine's plain exterior to see the passionate and lovely woman beneath.  It's the stuff of true romance!

The mystery of the late Duke of Durham's first wife is not furthered, but I'm sure we'll have a resolution -- and perhaps another visit from Aunt Margaret -- in the final book of the series, The Way to a Duke's Heart (August 2012).

(A very special thank you to Avon, Harper Collins and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of Blame it on Bath.)    

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