Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: Talk This Way by Dakota Cassidy

If life is like a box of chocolates, Cat Butler has tasted them all—and decided on none. It's no wonder she can't keep a job, even though her mother's health depends on it. Just when she finds herself up a creek without a paddle—again—a benevolent friend throws her a lifeline. In the form of a job at, of all places, a phone sex hotline. Not exactly what she had in mind, but if it pays the bills for her mom's expensive nursing home, what's the harm?

Successful entrepreneur Flynn McGrady knows a thing or two about responsibility. So when his mother has a stroke, he knows the right thing to do is relocate to Atlanta to be near her while she recovers. He's got a plan for everything—except for feisty Cat, who finally gets his mama to talk again. Talk dirty, that is, and he's not pleased. Cat is gorgeous and sassy to boot...…too bad she's not the type to settle down.

Cat and Flynn may have bigger fish to fry, but the sparks between them are hotter than hell. And when they finally give in to temptation, the results are explosive. Can a girl who follows her heart and a guy who follows his head find their way to forever?

After starting Talk Dirty to Me, I felt confused about who Landon is and what he means to the town of Plum Orchard, Georgia.  I was pleased to have found the novella, Talk This Way, introducing the series, which gives a bit about Landon's background, though the story isn't specifically about him. 

Cat and Flynn's relationship is primarily about misunderstandings.  Their conflict -- and attraction -- builds through various misunderstandings, especially concerning Flynn's mother's behavior, which is a direct result of something Cat does.  It's a cute premise, and one that serves the second purpose of introducing the reader to the origin behind the Call Girls.  

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