Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: The Cowboy and the Princess by Lori Wilde

Brady Talmadge was a cowboy with five unbreakable rules: 
1) Never pick up a pretty hitchhiker
2) Avoid damsels in distress
3) Never order chili at a truck stop
4) Always trust your gut
5) Never tell a lie . . .

This is what happened when he broke all his rules . . . and got into a whole lot of trouble

On the run from an arranged marriage, Princess Annabella of Monesta dons the guise of a hitchhiking cowgirl. But when she finds herself drenched, alone, and hungry, she has no choice but to trust the tall Texas horse whisperer who offers her a ride. He's like no one she's ever known--a strong sexy man who says just what he thinks. And when one wild kiss leaves her breathless, she quickly realizes she'll give up everything to spend a lifetime of night times in his arms. But how can there be happily-ever-after with palace guards hot on her trail?

We return to Jubilee, Texas, albeit in a roundabout way in The Cowboy and the Princess.   Brady Talmadge is a ne'er do well who was picked up by Dutch Callihan and taught the fine art of horse whispering.  He had previously drifted until setting down roots with Dutch in Jubilee.  When Dutch passed away (as seen in book one of this series, The Cowboy Takes a Bride), Brady hits the road, peddling his wares and avoiding most human interaction.  But he breaks three of his five unbreakable rules in one night with "Annie Costa." 

Watching Brady and Annie tap dance around each other in the small cab of Brady's truck was a real treat.  Theirs is a slow romance, mainly because both are carrying baggage dealing with their respective pasts.  The ending seemed a bit disconnected and rushed, though The Cowboy and the Princess is a very good addition to the world of Jubilee.   

(A very special thank you to Avon Books, Harper Collins and Edelweiss for providing me with an ARC of The Cowboy and the Princess.)

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