Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review: The Wedding Dress Diaries by Aimee Carson

Get in the bridal spirit with this prequel novella to the fabulous new Harlequin KISS contemporary romance series, The Wedding Season!

Bridal shop owner Amber Davis dreaded the moment she'd run in to Parker Robinson while working on his sister's wedding. She'd spent every summer in the Hamptons with his family as a kid, fantasizing about kissing him. But she's shocked to discover that the confident boy who'd given Amber her first taste of love has become a man who mocks its very existence.

Parker can't believe the girl who used to follow him around has grown into a beautiful woman—one with some very naughty ideas when she fits him for his tux. But Amber also knows why he's shut everyone out of his life. She's not the kind of woman Parker gets involved with…even if he can't keep his hands off her.

Amber doesn't do one-night stands or casual hookups, but she's wanted Parker long enough to make him an exception—especially if she can convince him he needs love in his life, too.

A free ebook to start off this series.  Ms. Carson also wrote the first book of the series, The Unexpected Wedding Guest, as well.  

Amber Davis is a childhood friend from the wrong side of the tracks to Reese Michael.  Reese is getting married, and Amber is helping her plan and organize the wedding.  One of the jobs Reese has tasked Amber with -- though I think Amber actually has decided to take this upon herself -- is to invite Reese's half-brother, Parker, to the wedding.  Amber had a crush on Parker while growing up, so reconnecting with him won't be a hardship for her.  

There is a slight case of InstaLove, which I didn't necessarily buy, considering Amber hasn't seen Parker in ten years or so.  Parker is a brooding hero, though, a cop who seems to be the polar opposite of Reese's Park Avenue Princess.  This novella gives the backstory to the reason behind Amber's reaction when Reese mentions Parker in The Unexpected Wedding Guest

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