Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang

Marnie Price's guide to surviving the bridesmaid blues…

1. Get a new man

2. Find a new job

3. When in doubt, drink wine!

Having watched her three closest friends all find love, Southern belle Marnie Price feels as if she's the only single girl left. Luckily she's found a solution—one sizzling night with Dylan Brookes. This man wears a wedding tux better than anyone, but all Marnie wants to do is get beneath it!

Dylan is all about making the sensible choice, and a fling with his ex's friend Marnie is about as far from sensible as he can get! Marnie might prove to him that taking risks is worth it, but that doesn't mean he's ready to give up his bachelor status quite yet, does it…?

The final book in The Wedding Season series is a fun one.  I'd read Ms. Lang's previous Harlequin Kiss releases, and Last Groom Standing doesn't disappoint.  There was nothing I didn't like: it was flirty, it was fun (and funny), it had conflict and resolution.  I could have done with more kissing, perhaps, but I believe the nature of the Kiss line is to be a sweeter romance.  And Ms. Lang has pulled that off in expert fashion.  


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