Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It wasn't my intention to stop blogging about books.  I haven't stopped reading books -- but I will admit I'm not reading as many as I have in years' past. 

So why the radio silence? 

I'm not really sure.  Real life intrudes and needs my focus and attention.  Spending family time with my family rather than all of us hanging out in the same room or house while doing individual activities should be -- and is -- a priority. 

If I want to be really, really honest, though, I'm a little fed up with romance novels. 

It seems that today's best-selling books and/or authors are writing about heroes and heroines I have no interest in.  I want to read about two people falling in love or two people who overcome obstacles to be together or two people who were estranged but now realize they cannot live without the other.  And I'm just not seeing that when I look at the best-seller lists.  Nothing strikes a chord within me and makes me say "I've gotta read that book!"

So I'll keep reading the authors I enjoy, hopefully find a new author or two along the way, and I may even write some reviews here at ye olde blog.  

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