Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tell Me a Story...

I'm thrilled to be joined today by Inez Kelley and Ginny Glass.  Ms. Kelley and Ms. Glass have written a very hot little series for Carina Press called Dirty Laundry, and they were gracious enough to accept my request for an interview.  So, without further adieu --

How did you come together as writing partners?

GIN: Actually, we met at Romance Divas (a writer’s forum) and we just clicked. We’re both pretty similar – filthy minded strumpets and serious jokesters.
INEZ: Not me, I am innocent as a newborn baby… something. She lured me to the darkside with cookies.

The inspiration behind the Dirty Laundry series is...?

GIN: All the secret, naughty, angsty things that people keep hidden – wanting the taboo person, craving the kinky sex, giving in to the love that you’re scared to ask for.
INEZ: The idea of romance shorts around a laundry setting was the brainchild of someone I have forgotten. At one time, there were several authors who wanted to contribute. I was asked to join and brought Gin into it. (Okay, so I lured her, fine, have it the truthful way) Then for various reasons, everyone abandoned the project. But Gin and I stayed. We liked our stories too much, made them hotter and deeper and knew we had a good thing on our hands.

What do you like best about the partnership? 

GIN: Everything. Inez is hilarious, brilliant, encouraging, brilliant, dedicated, and brilliant. She’s not just my writing partner, she’s an amazing friend, great sounding board and fabulous person.
INEZ: What Gin said

And worst?

GIN: Hours. I work a crazy busy day job and I would love to dedicate myself to writing during the day time. As it is, I’m squeezing every possible writing moment out of my nights and weekends.
INEZ: Never enough time. The two of us have a million ideas and like 15 minutes of time.  I think Gin needs to come down with a serious case of the bubonic plague when my kids’ school year starts and stay home for like a month to recuperate. Yeah, that sounds about right.  *snicker*

Ms. Kelley has written the final novella of the Dirty Laundry series.  Tell me a little bit about that.

GIN: It’s hot. Like burn-your-screen hot. I’ll let Inez give you the details – I think my glasses just fogged up answering this question.
 INEZ: Oh, well. I can share a bit.
The title is COMING CLEAN and it is a m/m/f ménage. Yeah, boy parts touch. Boy howdy do they touch! But it is real, too. Any married couple has issues to overcome when they open their bed to a third and Grant and Vivi are no different. Vivi worries she could lose her husband to his lifelong friend, the one who has been secretly in love with him for years. As a straight man, Grant has to re-evaluate his sexual boundaries and define what he can and can’t do. Their best friend Cade has his own insecurities as well. He knows he is an outsider and may screw something up by screwing his friends.

It is a whole plethora of secrets revealed and as the tag line says, COMING CLEAN never felt so good.

Oh, and if you have a minute, check out this page! It gives the rundown on all the Dirty Laundry Stories to date!

Any plans for additional co-writing productions?  What's next on the horizon for your individual writing careers?

GIN: I think we have at least three more Dirty Laundry books in various stages – another cowrite and two more solo books. Who knows after that?  I have a full-length fun contemporary going out for submissions, a paranormal project waiting in line and a zillion other ideas! I even might talk Inez into ANOTHER themed series.

INEZ: Wait, what? I knew about the Dirty Laundry series additions. I have my own full lengths gnawing at me-- a final in my fantasy series and a few contemporaries. A new series? Themed? … hmm… Here, have a cookie and tell me more, Ginny.

Aren't they fun?  Thanks again, ladies!  I'm looking forward to Coming Clean and more Dirty Laundry in the future.  


Inez Kelley said...

Thanks for having us!

Keri Ford said...

fun interview ladies!

Mrs. Hanson said...

Thanks for being guinea pigs, Inez and Ginny! It was a lot of fun!!

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